Kamon started as a family business in Tokyo in 1968 by Mr Sadayuki Hirano and has expanded since to 15 branches within their home country. His son, Mr Taiyo Hirano, who grew up learning the fine art of ikebana and is trained in horticulture, has helped to develop their reputation as one of the finest florists in Japan by training all of the company’s floral designers. Now, their highly anticipated studio in Shanghai is finally open.
Kamon combines European floral design principles with the quintessential Japanese sensitivity to detail to create stunning floral artworks and landscape that lift any occasion to the realm of pure magic.





Led by Mr. Taiyo Hirano in Shanghai, the luxury florist looks forward to serving the needs of the discerning clientele in this vibrant city. Services by the energetic creative team include putting together inspiring gifts, arrangements for the home or work place, private flower arrangement classes and home decoration. They also provide creative direction and one-of-a-kind floral design for weddings and other large-scale private and corporate events, as well as top of the line exhibitions, window store displays, special functions and hotel showpieces.

TAIYO HIRANO has been learning Japanese traditional flowers and garden design since the childhood. Based on professional learning career and love flower art, it could be seen that the beauty of nature and the harmonious collocation of color in his strength and specialty.

Kamon Designer Label



Hideyuki NIWA

Kamon’s designer line of floral art is known as the Niwa Design Office, and is helmed by Hideyuki Niwa. Among other awards, Niwa swept the Gold Leaf Prize, the highest award for international floral art, at the prestigious International Annual Floral Art 2012-12013, held in Belgium.

Our Services


  • 家/家里每周的花艺设计及换花服务/家庭聚会的花艺装饰/其他场合或仪式。。。
  • 酒店/每日或每周的花艺设计及换花服务
  • 公司/每周的花艺设计及换花服务
  • 奢侈品店、精品店/每周的花艺设计及换花服务
  • 餐厅/每周的花艺设计及换花服务


• Events , Weddings and Special Occasion Floral
• Gifting Services
• Home, Offices and Hotel Floral Decorations
• Indoor and Outdoor Floral Services
• Floral Lesson
• Floral and Landscape Consultancy & Services
• Green Leasing
• Weekend Flower Market
• Wholesale Imported Flowers